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Now available to the iPad. Sherlocks

Logic Puzzles 1 and 2



Logic Puzzles

2 is available for the iPhone

this is identical to the iPad app

Sherlocks Logic Puzzles 2a ('a' for iP'a'd)


All Apps available at the Mac App Store:

Internet Detective Game available at Amazon.com



Click on the image for instructions


opening Logic Puzzle Genius for the

first time to set the default values.



Free testing sample program of the ultimate

sorting for Speech Debate Meet Organizers.

Click Here for Instructions

Crosword-Cryptogram Solver Pro

Solve Crosswords, Cryptograms, Hangman puzzles Click To Link.  


Check it out at http://internetdetectivegame.com



Clink on the Errorless Checkbook image

for instructions for Errorless Checkbook.



Incident at Karrousel Park a text adventure enhanced for blind players.  


Ultimate sorting for Speech Debate

Meet OrganizersClick here for




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